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Anita Suhanin: Voice Lessons

"Open your heart, open your throat, fear nothing and sing."





Whether you sing in the shower or on stage, discover a free and natural voice
with the help of an experienced and patient teacher.


~ Private or group lessons with a Berklee grad

~ Prepare for an upcoming event or audition

~ Discover a comfortable and healthy tone

~ Improve sight-singing and ear-training skills

~ Learn music theory and piano skills

~ Write songs and improvise in different styles

~ Webcam lessons available

~ Gift Certificates available


Contact:   [Subject line: Voice Lessons]


Vocal Warmups available on the Purchase page.


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" Anita is a great teacher. She is very patient and understanding. She makes singing fun in a relaxed atmosphere."
- J.G., West Roxbury, MA


"Anita is a creative, flexible, positive, and supportive teacher who has a wonderfully healthy and holistic approach to singing. She offers her students an ever-evolving toolbox of tips and techniques: multimedia exercises for self-study, resources for healthy breathing, tidbits of music theory wisdom... A musical jack-of-all-trades, she is also great at working with singers who want to accompany themselves on other instruments. Anita herself is a gifted vocalist who imbues each interpretation of a song with beauty and integrity. She is a true pleasure to work with--I am learning so much from her!"
- M.I., Brookline, MA


"Ok. I am biased. The first time I heard Anita sing I was a fan. She possesses a vocal quality and command of her instrument that I rank among the top five voices I have heard. I am a music teacher myself. Anita's skills and acumen as a teacher are as finely tuned as her skills as a singer. She will help you get the most out of your voice. If you want to take voice lessons, your search for a teacher should stop here. Best vocal coach in Boston."
- H.F., Cambridge, MA


“Anita is a great teacher; she is personable and patient. She has a great knowledge of music and voice, and knows how to convey that knowledge to students.”
- D.M., Jacksonville, FL


"I never knew that voice lessons could teach me so much about life. Anita's holistic, body-oriented approach to singing really impressed me, and made me realize that my voice is an important part of how I am in the world. Thus, freeing my voice frees me to be more authentically myself, whether or not I am singing. Her techniques to distract the mind and make singing come from the heart like a story help me whenever I need to be more connected to what and how I am expressing myself. And her nonjudgmental, nonrigid teaching makes singing fun and energizing."
- A.B., Cambridge, MA


"From Anita I have learned music theory and vocal technique, but best of all, I have found my voice and am learning to sing. Anita is a patient, talented and generous teacher. The time I spend with her is always rewarding."
- C.E., Newton, MA


"Anita taught me how to sing but she also helped and encouraged me to express myself in ways I never imagined I could! With her guidance, singing became an important, valuable part of my life. She's a wonderful, creative, patient teacher, and I'll never forget her hilarious singing metaphors!"
- J.S., Brookline, MA


"Anita helped my daughter find her inner voice."
- N.M., Brookline, MA


"It is true that it is important to Anita to enforce vocal health and the technical aspects of singing with her students. But, what strikes me most is the honesty in which she sings. If she is singing the song of another artist, she is never just doing a "cover," she is giving it her own meaning. This honesty, spirituality and soulful nature of her singing is what is contagious about her, what she teaches us. She reminds us that singing, although it should sound "pretty," should also say something, like all art. She helps us to access a most effective and beautiful vehicle for expression."
- S.R., Brookline, MA


"Anita has a unique gift for communicating the physical subtleties of singing. She's a great teacher to learn from because she gives you support when you're struggling and kudos when you make progress!"
- T.M., Arlington, MA

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